HR Roundtable

Supporting Parental Returners and Improving Employee Benefits

This month we hosted a roundtable event with some amazing HR professionals, brands and businesses. Our event was sponsored by Carifit who offer a fantastic employee benefit for businesses looking to support their parental leavers. Their baby carrier and app are the perfect gift for parents going off on parental leave and offer not just a physical product for their baby, but some amazing ongoing support for parents. The lovely Zoe Johnston and Vern Hill demonstrated and talked us through how their product and app works and how any business can benefit from their corporate offering.

We then had the amazing Kellie Nedelcoux (Hick) and Dommy Szymanska (MCIPP) as our key speakers.

Kellie Nedelcoux – Founder of Career & Parenthood, the coaching consultancy empowering parents to establish their work-life harmony. After holding Senior HR roles for 15+ years, Kellie now coaches individuals heading off and returning from parental leave as well as partnering with organisations looking to support their people.

Dommy Szymanska - Global Pay & Reward Manager at Stella McCartney, Dommy is also a member of the #Reward300 and possesses a wealth of experience across reward management, global benefits, reward strategy, employee engagement and recognition. Dommy has fantastic expertise in the retail industry and how businesses can be supporting their employees even more.

Supporting New Parents

Kellie talked all about how businesses can help support new parents before they go off, during their leave and when they return to work.

She talked through some incredible statistics including:

  • 1 in 10 - the number of men who get postnatal depression
  • 1 in 10 - the number of Women who get postnatal depression
  • 12 months for a woman's body to recover post birth
  • 2 years for a woman to feel ‘normal’ again post birth
  • Less than 1 in 5 women have confidence on return
  • 63% women report they were more ambitious post birth
  • 90% of women are not supported on return from parental leave

Employee Benefits

Dommy talked all about improving employee benefits with some strong statistics, employee’s engagement, why you need good employee benefits and the costs of this. She then gave some amazing ideas from a “pick’n’mix” for employees to choose from.

There were some fantastic discussions across the group and everyone came away with some great ideas on what they could go back to their businesses with.

We can’t wait for our next roundtable!

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